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Denis Sergienko • 2022-09-19

Liberman Brothers Sell Shares of their Own Lives

Liberman Brothers Sell Shares of their Own Lives

Daniil and David Liberman have announced selling shares in themselves. They invite people to invest in their lives, which is a new step in the process of turning humans into corporations. So, what is it? An example of megalomania and narcissism or the revolutionary new-gen approach to selling conventional assets?

Who Are Those Guys?

Most people may not even know who the Liberman brothers are. However, they have made a name for themselves in the glamorous world of Californian technology. Daniil and David are working with start-ups and high-stakes investing projects. Also, they are well-known serial entrepreneurs and rainmakers who turned around the company that is owned by Snapchat.

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The New Approach to Fundraising

Once again, the siblings are in the process of raising funds for another potentially successful start-up. However, this time the situation is different, as the brothers offer investors to buy shares in themselves rather than sell them in a conventional company,

It is not only about money. According to Liberman’s official statement, they believe their new project (company) named “People Company” will eventually get listed on the stock exchange. The main mission is not just to benefit from the financial point of view but also to stem 21st-century inequality.

Can They Make It?

Speaking frankly, the idea sounds too foolish to be true. People look for steady and potentially profitable instruments. An asset must be backed by companies’ reports, financial health, and other parameters that prove the asset’s stability. At least, investors should have some data to analyze. In the situation with the Liberman brothers, the only thing we can rely on is their cardiograms, physical state, and medical tests.

Hardly the best option to invest in, isn’t it? One would better look for something more reliable in the long run, like gold, for example. Considering the growing demand for copper, silver, and gold these days, precious metals seem to be the safest way to keep and grow your capital.