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Best Intraday Gold Trading Strategies

When it comes to best intraday gold trading strategies, gold ETFs (exchange-traded funds) appear to be the simplest and most profitable way. If compared to more typical gold futures, ETFs come with more liquidity. Besides, they will never expire, which means multiple trading opportunities in the long run.


Another reason to trade ETFs is the diversity. One may choose either to trade ETFs that refer to major gold producers or benefit from the difference between god prices. Every trader should clearly realize that gold is an asset. Like any other asset, it moves from a long-term perspective.

As a result, a larger number of trades want to change it and make some profit. On the one hand, it creates an overloaded market. On the other hand, some traders will still have a chance to take advantage of the situation.

Points to Consider before Using Intraday Gold Trading Strategies

Apart from ETFs, traders may opt for gold investment trusts that also appear to be one of the most traded instruments with the most liquidity and more than 2 million shares available on the market. No matter what particular instrument you will choose, you need to consider some key points:

  1. Use different types of gold tracking securities. They may include gold miner stocks, ETFs, or unit investment trusts.
  2. Keep an eye on GLD and IAU trusts that hold gold physically.
  3. Figure how the price behaves to ensure the best market entry and exit points.
  4. Use technical analysis to confirm trend reversal within a short-term entry.
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With these key points in mind, let’s have a look at when it is the best time to start using intraday gold trading strategies.   

Choosing the Best Moment for Intraday Gold Trading Strategies

It does not matter what indicators or tools you use to identify the trend or reversal. When trading gold, volatility is your only friend, especially when it comes to day trading. If you spot the price moving more frequently with higher liquidity, it means more potentially profitable chances to make some good money (or loss) within a short timeframe.

Getting Started

To start using intraday gold trading strategies, you need to do the following:

  • Watch gold trusts and ETFs.
  • If the price fluctuates at 2% or higher, use the ATR indicator for the daily gold chart with a 14-day period.
  • Check the current Average True Range value, divide it by the current gold trust or ETF price, and multiply by 100.
  • If the given result is above 2, the market seems pretty favorable to trade old trusts and ETFs.

Intraday Strategy for Gold Miner ETFs and Gold Trusts

The key to success when trading gold is to follow the trend’s direction and execute trades accordingly. In the situation with the Uptrend, you are supposed to track the price making a high swing recently. This is a good moment to enter the market on a pullback. This is where traders may expect a minor price consolidation while making a pause for 2-3 bars (to spot it, you will need to use a 1 or 2-minute chart).

During this pause, you need to enter with a buy position awaiting for the price to break above the nearest high after the pause. What’s more, traders may assume that the price will continue to grow following the recent trend. If the price does not come with the same higher low as during the recent swing, it is the sign of the trend put at risk. You are not supposed to make trades if this happens.

Intraday Strategies for Gold Targets and Pitfalls

This strategy follows the same concept, which is to capture the ETFs and gold trust-related trending moves. Once again, adequate market volatility comes as a trader’s best friend. It will prevent the trend from not reaching the profit target as well as from running out of steam.

While the profit target comes with multiple risks, with 2% of daily volatility will make it even 2 times riskier. If the daily chart depicts a strong trend featuring the volatility approaching 4%, the profit target you are aimed at must be at least 3-4 times your risk.

The strategy is not perfect and can lead to huge losses when not implemented properly. The main pitfall here is the fact that the price pause when you enter the market on a pullback can last for long. Eventually, it will stop with even larger risks. Besides, the price may take several pauses within a short timeframe. Some traders will not be able to define which one is the best to enter with a trade.

The Bottom Line

Despite the fact, gold is one of the most traded instruments but it does not guarantee high profits. For this reason, it is not particularly popular with professional traders. The only way to make the most of intraday gold trading strategies is to keep the focus on volatility. If the price moves barely, ETFs and gold trusts are hardly a good option to trade. The main philosophy is to follow the trend and trade assets accordingly. Do not forget that volatility is your only friend when day trading gold.

This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks.