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Denis Sergienko • 2022-07-15

Scam Crypto Promoted via the British Army Twitter and YouTube Accounts after a Breach

Scam Crypto Promoted via the British Army Twitter and YouTube Accounts after a Breach

The investigation is underway. The British Army YouTube and Twitter accounts were reported to be hacked. Bad actors used military media sources to promote scam cryptocurrencies. Nothing is known about when hackers actually stripped both accounts.

However, the fact of taking them over has been officially confirmed by the UK Ministry of Defense. As stated by the officials, both accounts are now running normally.

Security Issues around Crypto

Crypto trading attracts more and more investors promising huge returns. The sector has become extremely popular. As a result, the market is full of not only major and most trusted coins but also scam crypto. The situation around the UK Army social accounts proves the importance of knowing how to identify and avoid crypto rug pulls no matter how potentially profitable and promising assets look.

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What’s On Twitter?

Hackers use all possible sources to promote scam coins. On this particular occasion, hijackers replaced the Twitter account information with new bio, photos, and profile pictures to showcase facts associated with the Possessed NFT collection. Furthermore, hackers placed several tweets with a link to a scam NFT minting site backed by several retweets for NFT giveaways.

What’s On YouTube?

As for the UK’s Army YouTube channel, hackers managed to remove all of its videos. Additionally, they changed the profile name, pictures, and information to promote the Ark Investment firm. The company itself is a legit organization and it seems it has nothing to do with the situation.

Existing videos have been replaced with a series of live streams depicting Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey encouraging users to take part in a crypto scam. Of course, those live streams are nothing but fake. They were taken from the conference held by Ark Investment the previous month. Nevertheless, fake videos almost instantly had thousands of viewers.

It seems like hackers are using the same tactics performed by scammers who overtook MKLeo's Twitter account last March. Hijackers stripped it to promote the phone NFT that also looked very similar to the Possessed. Hackers went even further, as they manage to steal over $1 million with the help of the same fake streams associated with Ark Investment.

YouTube authorities assured users that they take all necessary measures to ensure account security. They now work closely with channel owners to let them regain control over their data and prevent channels from being compromised further.