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Denis Sergienko • 2022-09-16

Green Energy Stock Prices Jumped 2X Higher

Green Energy Stock Prices Jumped 2X Higher

While the global energy market is mired in a severe crisis, green technologies appear to be the sector that can take advantage of the situation. Most of us have not talked much about green energy production in 2022. Meanwhile, alternative energy stocks have been rising rapidly.

Geopolitical Uncertainty

The unstable political situation was the reason for traditional energy sources prices skyrocketing starting from 2022. It led to record inflation and restricted monetary policy in countries with the strongest economies. As a result, Brent reached its highest high back in March showing 56% growth. At the same time, natural gas prices made an enormous leap showing a 366% increase from the beginning of 2022.

The demand for hydrocarbons is growing rapidly, letting oil and gas production companies make enormous profits right away. Meanwhile, investors get a chance to build wealth and make some good profits on the rise of oil stock prices.

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A New Beneficiary

Soaring fuel and gas prices are good for stockholders and production companies. Oppositely, other sectors of the economy and business are suffering from huge problems. 70% of pubs and restaurants in the United Kingdom might get closed by the end of the year, as they can no longer afford to pay energy bills.

The energy market halting has only started. The consequences can be dreadful for most economies. However, there is a sector that managed to benefit from the situation. Alternative energy markets were kept silent for some time following a rapid stock price increase in recent months.

Most stock issuers predict some nice returns and dividends in the long-term perspectives. So, if you are looking for potentially profitable and steady stocks, around 10% annual dividends around at least 2024-2025. Additionally, you can check some high-yielding stocks from other sectors.