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MTrading Team • 2022-03-11

European stocks’ slight rebound after another ceasefire talks’ fail

European stocks’ slight rebound after another ceasefire talks’ fail

After the recent failure of Russia-Ukraine talks in Turkey to lower the conflict temperature, European stocks dropped sharply, marginally regaining their positions but still staying mixed today. 

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian crisis’ global impacts keep unfolding. The U.S. consumer inflation rate has risen to annualised 7.9% and will evidently go higher. Baiden blamed anti-Russian sanctions for this 40-year record rate. The Federal Reserve is about to meet next week to come up with new monetary decisions. At the same time, the U.K. economy shows impressive growth so the GBP rates are expected to rise.

According to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the EU has no intention of levying gas and oil-related sanctions against Russia which gives some hopes of stabilising the already soaring price levels for these commodities. However, Russia is going to lose the "most favored nation" status soon which will intensify ruining of its economy.

Here’s how the main assets behave on March 11 (13:40 EET).

  • BRENT OIL regains 1.65% moving to 111.13.
  • GOLD loses 0.86% and falls to the 1,983.15 rate.
  • USD INDEX goes 0.11% down and lends at 98.398.
  • DOW JONES is traded 0.34% lower at the 33,174.07 rate.
  • NASDAQ drops 1.10% moving to 13,591.00.
  • DAX added 3.20% reaching 13,872.42 rate.
  • FTSE 100 rises to the 7,212.80 rate traded 1.50% higher.

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Current trends

The assets’ show high volatility with contrast tendencies seen currently. Take a look at the recent trends.

  • Strong buy: DAX, FTSE 100
  • Strong sell: GOLD, USD INDEX

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