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MTrading Team • 2022-03-09

European stocks recover from red with markets highly volatile

European stocks recover from red with markets highly volatile

The Russia-Ukraine conflict unfolds with the USA banning Russian oil imports and Great Britain promising to cut the imports down continually within this year. Top American brands like McDonald's, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo are leaving Russia now. All of the above keeps the assets volatile. The European stocks have recovered a bit from the recent fall but are still to be watched.

There’s no hope for the markets to calm down in the near future. While the Western countries are promising to adopt the next package of sanctions against Russia, Russia has recently warned about the brutal response measures to be released soon. The world’s eyes are also fixed on Thursday European Central Bank meeting and its consequent monetary policy decisions.

See how the main assets behave on March 9:

  • BRENT OIL loses its position slightly traded 0.98% lower at the 126.73 rate.
  • GOLD goes 0.55% down to 2,032.05.
  • USD INDEX drops 0.44% and lends at the 98.640 rate.
  • DOW JONES is traded 0.56% lower, descending to 32,632.64.
  • NASDAQ loses 0.39% more sliding down to 13,267.61.
  • DAX regained 4.68% and reached 13,270.01.
  • FTSE 100 keeps the recovered positions around 7,104.60 going 2.05% higher.

Current trends

The trends change rapidly now with no asset staying neutral for long. Take a look at the current tendencies to decide whether you can turn some to profit.

  • Strong buy: DAX
  • Buy: FTSE 100
  • Sell: GOLD

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May the trading luck be with you!