Heiken Ashi Strategy Explained

The Heiken Ashi strategy is used to define the trends within the market, and potential movements in price. Use it on demo without risk before going live!

heiken ashi trading strategy
What Is the Best Futures Trading Strategy?

Select the futures trading strategy that fits your trading style. Learn about strategies you need to avoid in order to prevent bigger losses.

trading futures and cfd
How to Use Pivot Point Strategy in Forex Trading

Rules to use the pivot point trading strategy as well as ways to interpret it. Tips to use it with support and resistance and other technical indicators.

how to use pivot point in trading
Rules to Use Turtle Trading Strategy

Learn the history of the turtle trading strategy experiment as well as turtle trading rules to use in any type of market with high volatility.

turtle trading strategy
Camarilla Pivot Strategy - Tips to Use

Learn everything you need about Camarilla pivot points and trading rules. Watch real-market examples of how to implement the Camarilla trading strategy.

ABCD Chart Pattern Explained

The ABCD chart pattern is a bullish and bearish tool to identify the price reversal. Learn the reasons to use it and tips to trade the ABCD pattern.

abcd chart pattern
Tips for Backtesting Trading Strategies without Coding

Learn the backtesting trading strategies, the difference between manual and automated strategy backtesting and how to use it on MT4.

How to Manage Risk in Forex Trading

Find simple ways to handle Forex risk management without special skills. Work out a plan and learn how to manage risk in Forex trading.

risk management on forex
How to Secure the Best Trading Entry Point

Find the most profitable and secure Forex entry position strategies to minimize potential loss and maximize the profit from every trade!

when it's the best time to enter the trade
Buy Limit Order Explained to Beginners

Find out how to use a limit order and what lies behind the limit price meaning. In this article, you will learn about buy limit order pros and cons.

buy limit order
The List of Best Traders in the World to Follow in 2020

Check our list of best Forex traders to follow in 2020. Learn more about trading strategies they use as well as how they managed to get to the top.

top traders 2020 forex
How to Trade with Bullish Flag Pattern

When trading with the bullish flag pattern, it is very important to identify all of its components and present them on a trading chart.

bullish flag pattern
What Are the Forex Trading Robots?

What are the forex trading robots, how they work and tips to use them correctly in your trading.

forex trading robots
What Is Price Action Trading Strategy and How Does It Work?

Learn what you can read from the price action trading strategy and how to use the types of price action trading and indicators, technical analysis, etc.

price action strategy mtrading
Tips to Trade a Double Top Pattern

Only when identified correctly, a double top pattern can be a very effective technical formation that may be used with other indicators and oscillators.

double top pattern mtrading