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Reasons to Master and Repeat 1 Forex Trading Strategy Many Time

Many beginners overwhelm themselves right from the start. They try to use as many Forex strategies as they can instead of focusing on a single approach that would ensure success. It is a natural thing for many amateurs.


When we are about to start something new, we have the compulsion to learn as much as possible within a short time frame. When it comes to Forex trading, this new compulsion is backed by the desire to earn as much as possible right from the beginning.

In reality, experienced traders prefer focusing on a single strategy they have already tested under various market conditions. It does not mean you need to use only one approach. However, if you use several techniques, make sure they are well-tested.

In this article, we will explain why it is a good thing to practice the 1 Forex strategy as many times as you can.

A Single Forex Trading Strategy to Avoid Noize

Information overload is the main reason why most beginners are overwhelmed with Forex trading. Once they have entered the market, new investors have so many new things to learn and experience. They start thinking they need it all. The truth is that knowing things to focus on is the key to success. The real question is if you want to be smart or rich.

As a rule, even the most experienced and successful Forex traders use not more than a couple of Forex strategies. What’s more, experiment Forex day trading fans use only a few baseline indicators that help them maintain daily trading needs.

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Forex trading is not about the necessity to sound smart. It is about making money. Your main goal is to sort out tools and approaches that will meet your specific needs and trading personality. It is the way to create a strong and efficient methodology instead of learning how numerous technical tools work, considering you might never use them.

Advantages of Using Just 1 Forex Trading Strategy

As stated earlier, successful Forex traders use 1-2 strategies. When we say “strategy”. We mean a set of specific market conditions investors use to identify market entry or exit positions. In other words, if you are able to understand how markets move, you can easily identify specific trading opportunities.

Additionally, a strategy should involve analysis to see how you performed trades in the past. It does not necessarily mean past data will somehow improve your future position. On the other hand, you will have a foundation for the approach you use along with a clear understanding of if it may have success in generating profits.

Note: as we all know, markets are ranging (moving sideways) or trending (moving up and down). So, the best way is to have a single strategy for both market conditions or just one approach for either trending or ranging markets.

Keep in mind that managing multiple strategies is very hard both mentally and physically. What’s more, you will need more extra resources.

The main 2 benefits of practicing just one approach:

  1. Habitual practice of concepts and methodologies. It will take you closer to the final goal, which is gaining wealth.
  2. Enhanced discipline and complete focus on the underlying task. You have a chance to master the strategy until it totally meets your needs. It will make the trading process easier and more automated in the long run.

Habitual Practice

Having a scattered trading approach will not work. Experienced investors often associate it with a messy style and disorganized combination of methods, indicators, and tools. What you need from the start is a one and efficient technique that is simple to implement. Backed by easy-to-read patterns to analyze trades and Forex charts, it will bring you closer to success.

Successful Forex traders have used a single strategy hundreds of thousands of times throughout their careers. They managed to employ its core principles. Today, investors can implement them across various markets and assets on autopilot. This is what we call “habitual practice”. It works better on the Forex market instead of jumping from one style to another.

Focus and Discipline

Focus and discipline are the paramount basics of successful Forex trading. They are much easier to implement when dealing with only a single approach. Investors have to stay committed to different market data. It may involve price action, reversals, and so on. They are all associated with specific signals for traders to take action.

The idea is to have pre-decided moves depending on specific situations on the market instead of jumping into every candlestick pattern you potentially think might bring you profit. Initially, newbies will have to pick one and learn as much as possible about how it works and looks as well as what price action signals it can provide. The essential skill of reading cats properly also requires practice to keep you well-disciplined in the long run, while two traders can read the same chart differently.

The Bottom Line

Here ‘is the final word on reasons to master a single Forex strategy. When you only start making the first steps in the Forex market, you need to learn at least major Forex basics. They include position sizing, capital requirements, types of accounts, ways of managing risks, market hours, and other essential things that will help you create a successful and profitable approach.

Do not try to learn more than you can stand. Jumping on several tactics right at once just to try how they work is not a good idea, especially if you are new to the market. The best way is to try some risk-free options first (demo account or paper trading). Oh, and do not forget to back your practice with some free cash brought to you by a huge deposit bonus and other promotions.

This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks.