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5 Best Forex Trading Courses to Look for in 2021

With some of the best Forex trading courses, beginners will have a great chance to start. While most of them are available online, users can benefit from affordable training programs developed for newbies letting them obtain essential trading skills at no effort.


However, choosing the best online Forex course for beginners can be daunting with so many different offers available on the web. A course is supposed to be fun and engaging. Users expect them to be fully functional and easy-to-implement under real market conditions. What’s more, the material should apply to learners of different levels and trading styles. It must be professionally present as well.

In this article, we have conducted and reviewed some of the 5 best Forex trading online courses that can be a great fit for amateurs. They will help you avoid scammers and benefit from comprehensive educational classes.

1. Simple Trading: How to Find the Strongest Forex Trends

Level: beginners in currency trading

The course was designed by Raghee Horner. She is one of the most recognizable Forex experts trading the market that values over $5 trillion. Over the last 30 years, Raghee has been working on the ultimate formula and she actually did it. In her entire career, she never had a single losing year, which means the formula works.

Based on decades of experience, Horner provides a detailed step-by-step guide with access to all necessary proprietary instruments that will help students gain extraordinary gains per contract. Besides, beginners will have a chance to learn how to discover strong trends. Additionally, all traders will have full access to Horner’s Forex 101 trading platform with a limited membership.

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2. Benzinga Courses: Forex 101

Level: beginner and advanced traders

The course claims to be one of the most comprehensive and versatile training programs that can meet the needs of both amateurs and experienced traders. It does not matter if you only start learning about the financial market mechanisms or already know some fundamentals, the course provides Forex basic knowledge about currency pairs, pips, spreads, Fibonacci retracements, and other crucial aspects you might need right from the start.

The key benefit is that students will see real-life examples featuring AUD/USD traders as well as examples of short selling. They will learn how to use different technical indicators, read Forex chart patterns, underline support and resistance levels, etc.

3. Andrew Mitchem: Forex Trading

Level: beginner and advanced traders

Andrew Mitchem is not only the founder of the course but also a recognizable coach and a full-time currency trader. He managed to work out a winning Forex strategy that can help you make some good profit even at the beginning of your financial path.

It will take students 90 days to complete the program. Mitchem believes that amateurs can gain more success, as they are more prone to progress and faster learning. Here are some of the online trading course highlights:

  • Ways to eliminate the risk are explained through an exclusive “Reward: Risk” strategy.
  • Simple ways to do your daily trading are less time-consuming. It will take not more than 30 minutes a day.
  • Trading identity development.
  • Access to demo accounts to trade under real market conditions.
  • Setting up the mindset properly.

4. The Social Traders

Level: amateurs and experienced traders

The course comes as one of the most affordable offers for beginners and advanced traders. Users can benefit from a free baseline program, or get involved in the in-depth trading that costs up to $45 per month. The program was designed to guide newbies and experts through all aspects of the online financial market.

The course is not just a training session. It is a community with thousands of like-minded people, where you can share your thoughts, engage, and discuss various issues from FX and commodity to cryptocurrency trading.

The key features include:

  • 15 hours of swing trading practice.
  • Access to the trade recap video library.
  • A community of more than 1,000 traders.

5. Zen Trading Strategies: Master Course in Automated Algorithm Trading

Level: beginners only

For some people, this course may seem to be quite pricey considering the $597 cost. On the other hand, it was developed for beginners who want to not just learn how to trade but to design their specific FX algorithms.

Here, you will learn real methods, instruments, and techniques for automated trading. It is a perfect option for those who want to achieve financial freedom without having programming or coding skills. Besides, it features a real-life experience of a trader who managed to gain $10 million with only $5,000 of the initial investment.

This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks.