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Best Free Forex Signals Software to Use in 2022

Free Forex signals software is designed to help traders generate specific signals suggesting an optimal period to enter the market with either a short or long position. Signals rely on specific technical indicators that combine a set of market-specific parameters and settings making it possible to predict the price reversal within a given timeframe.


In other words, free online forex signals software results in proper decision-making with a chance to come up with a broader market overview. In today's article, we will review some of the best free Forex signals software to use in 2022. Additionally, we will discuss where to get Forex signals and how to use them under real-market conditions.

Why Use Forex Trading Signals

Those, who rely mainly on the technical background while establishing a specific Forex trading strategy, depend on specific signals. The key benefit of using them is the fact they prevent traders from a gut feeling approach, which can lead to trouble. Getting a bad or poor market call will inevitably result in losses.

To ensure a successful trading technique, most technically-inclined market participants opt for automated trading tools and signals generated by instrumentation that refers to the technical analysis, which helps them identify the best time to enter or exit the currency market, while decisions are made taking into consideration only real-time data observation involving traded volume, price action, and other crucial parameters.

Using free forex trading software with signals will let beginners enhance their strategies and ensure better results. The only question is how to generate those signals.

Where to Find Forex Trading Signals

Traders will have two major options:

  1. The first and simplest way is to get signals from a signal provider. It is a platform or online broker that automatically sends notifications through various communication channels when it is a good time to trade a specific currency based on market insights and other integrated instruments.
  2. The second way is to use free forex signals software that is usually integrated into the trading platform. The software acts like a market scanner seeking optimal trading conditions as well as market entry/exit opportunities.

Today, traders can combine these two options and join a signal provider with a set of integrated tools and means to generate signals on autopilot. If you rely on technical background, the following top indicators will help you find signals faster.

#1 - MACD

The indicator is used to depict a regular divergence as well as relay divergence from the current market asset price. Besides, it can help to identify the continuous trend alongside hidden divergence.

#2 – Moving Average

The MA indicator works great if you prefer short-term trading strategies. Buy signals are generated whenever a short-term MA crosses the long-term one from the above. Vice versa, if the crossover is plotted below the long-term MA, it is a sell signal.

#3 – Bollinger Bands

The indicator highlights if the market is bullish or bearish. Additionally, it can show the potentially profitable market entry position in case the price rejects current BBs.

#4 – Historical Volatility

A great tool when de-risking your trading strategy using past price action data. What’s more, you can use historical data to define the position size.

#5 - Oscillators

A set of technical indicators that generate signals to pinpoint oversold or overbought markets. RSI is one of the most popular tools of this type helping traders generate accurate signals.

Tips to Use Forex Signals

The idea is to examine the price chart with areas that depict all market participants (sellers and buyers) tending to converge. Additionally, traders should rely on support and resistance levels that depict trends below or above the current market price.

These areas can be utilized to place stop-loss orders below the support line as a part of the risk-management strategy. They may also include selling limit orders placed ahead of the resistance level.

This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks.