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Best Trading Software for MAC to Look for in 2022

Trading software for Mac is one of the easiest ways to start trading online without actually diving deep into technical issues or much learning. As one of the leading platforms, Mac comes with hundreds of award-winning applications. At the same time, the majority of traders still prefer MT4 as the most proven and time-tested trading app for Mac.


Unfortunately, with the release of Catalina and Big Spur OS for Mac, the platform no longer provides full support for MetaTrader. It means that users will have to use emulators and other technical solutions to continue using the tool. Another way is to use an OS-friendly trading app for Mac devices to avoid potential risks or technical errors during trading.

So, let’s have a look at the best trading platform for Mac to look for in the upcoming 2022.

The Difference between Trading Platforms and Trading Software for Mac

Before we start reviewing some of the top trading apps for Apple devices, we need to clarify the difference between a platform and trading software. It will prevent users from confusion and misleading actions in the future:

  • Trading Platforms – a platform is a licensed broker that provides access to a custom trading environment where users can buy and sell assets. As a rule, brokers offer their own technical analysis, educational, chart, and other tools that depend on traders’ tactics and strategies.
  • Trading Software – software is just a set of tools necessary to conduct analysis or use them for chart screening or using trendlines, moving averages, etc. As a rule, trading software is developed for stock markets or currency.

Example: MT4 is a trading software for Mac or Windows depending on the OS you use while MTrading is a platform with a set of integrated instruments for technical analysis, market insights, overviews, financial news, and more.

Issues with Using MT4 for Mac

For millions of users trading stocks or currency, MetaTrader has become the #1 option. It is one of the most comprehensive trading software for Mac, Windows, and other OS. However, most traders had some issues when installing the program on Mac-powered devices. The situation has become even harder with the release of OS updates, Catalina and Big Sur in particular. The problem is that both no longer support 32-bit apps.

Of course, there is a chance to use MT4 through specific emulators or download the software directly from our website for hassle-free usage. The installation file already comes with a wrapped-in emulator preventing you from any kind of manual configurations or difficulties. The process is fully automated. Another way is to opt for Mac-specific applications developed to meet the needs of Apple users.

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Best Trading Apps for Mac

#1 ProTA

The software was developed as a blend of fundamental and technical analysis tools. Another great thing about the app is that it perfectly matches both beginner and experienced traders. The main benefits involve:

  • Over 100 technical indicators;
  • Customizable charts and data users can configure.
  • Smart lists and line studies.
  • Access to a programming language to design individual analytic models.

The software comes with live metrics and insights. The only downside is that the tool is paid although it still provides a free trial version. However, you will still need to pay while MT4 is available at no cost.

#2 Latinum

The tool makes it easy to overview both US and international stocks along with some other traded assets, like CFDs or currency pairs. The technology powered by IEX Cloud generates financial data. The main pros are as follows:

  • Compatibility with FXCM Trading Station.
  • An easy-to-use software, good for beginners.
  • Support for various types of charts.
  • User-friendly data representation.

Although Latinum was designed to overview stocks, it does not feature stock trading tools. So, it can only be used for analysis and market analytics. Once again, MT4 looks like a more comprehensive and in-depth alternative.

Is there an MT4 for Mac?

Luckily for all users who do not want to deal with third-party apps, MetaTrader has recently introduced an anticipated native Mac software version. Developed by MateQuotes Crp., it eliminates all the difficulties and issues we have mentioned earlier. You will no longer need to use specific programs and emulators to simulate the app on your laptop or desktop. You only have to download it from our website, follow several simple installation steps, and start using the software right away.