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MTrading Reward Models

Our partners may choose from 3 different payout models delivered by the MTrading partnership program.
Select the one that suits you the most.


Revenue Share

Create your personal affiliate network and earn money every time your invitee trades. Receive up to 60% Revenue Share commission based on the number of active traders referred by you. The more traders join your network - the higher your income becomes.

For example:
An average GOLD spread is 40 USD per lot. So, when your referral trades 10 lots, you will get 120 USD as a Revenue Share.

*10 lots x 40 USD x 0.30, where 0,30 stands for 30% Revenue Share, which is one of the options.

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$ Per Lot

Get paid for every lot traded by the referred client. Bring as many сlients to MTrading as you can and grow your earnings per lot. The more invitees trade lots, the higher reward you get.

For example:
Let’s say your client daily trades 10 lots of EUR/USD currency pairs – one of the most popular trading instruments. In this case, you will be earning $50 daily.

*10 lots x $5, where $5 is a fixed partner’s pay per lot on a Silver level

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Drive your traffic to our targeted pages and earn up to $275 every time a visitor completes the required action either registration, opening a new account, depositing, etc.

For example:
Bring 10 traders who make their first deposit, for example $600. When they trade 6 lots each, you will receive from $2000 to $3000* as a result of a successful CPA deal.

*The sum depends on the customers’ location.

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